No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

All casinos – online as well as mobile – offer a range of exciting bonuses to their players. These bonuses are designed to attract new players and also have existing players continue playing at the same casino. Among all the different bonuses that are available, some of the most popular are the no deposit bonuses. They are popular for obvious reasons; you can use these bonuses even before you deposit funds into your account.

You can use no deposit bonuses to:

  • Play with free money in real money mode
  • Increase your bankroll
  • Get the feel of real money play without spending your own money

While no deposit bonuses are immensely popular, they come with their own terms and conditions.

  • The terms and conditions are set by the casino offering the bonus.
  • They help regulate the way players use these bonuses.
  • They help control the amount of wins players can redeem using a no deposit bonus. This is important because finally, the player is playing with money that the casino is providing.
  • They ensure there is no abuse of the bonuses that the casino offers.

On this page we discuss some of the important components that make up the terms and conditions associated with no deposit bonuses.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are stipulations that casinos have in place to ensure control in terms of the amount players are able to redeem as winnings from no deposit bonuses.

  • Simply put, it is a multiplier that is based on the bonus amount.
  • You have to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times – fixed by the casino – to be able to redeem the winnings from your no deposit bonus.
  • Certain casinos include the amount won in the bonus amount; so the wagering requirement is the multiplier of the total amount – bonus amount and the amount won.

A good example is the wagering requirement at GDay casino.

  • The GDay casino has a 35x wagering requirement on the free spins no deposit bonus it offers.
  • What this effectively means is that you have to wager the bonus amount 35 times before you are able to redeem any winnings earned through this bonus.

Game Eligibility

Game eligibility is another important component of the terms and conditions that govern no deposit bonuses at online casinos.

  • Certain no deposit bonuses are applicable only to specific games.
  • The term game eligibility refers to the games that are eligible to be covered by a particular no deposit bonus.

It is important to know which games are eligible for a particular no deposit bonus because playing the wrong game with that bonus may result in adverse consequences:

  • You may lose all winnings from it.
  • You may forfeit use of this bonus.
  • You may have your account suspended or terminated by the casino.

We use the example of GDay casino again to explain the concept of game eligibility. This casino offers 50 free spins as a no deposit bonus to play the slots at the casino.

  • However, the only game eligible for this bonus is the Guns n Roses slot.
  • You cannot use this bonus to play any of the other slots in the casino.

Maximum Win Amount

The maximum win amount is another important aspect of the terms and conditions that govern the no deposit bonuses on offer at online and mobile casinos.

  • You can use the no deposit bonuses to score wins while playing games for free.
  • However, you cannot redeem all the wins from a no deposit casino bonus.
  • The maximum win amount refers to the maximum amount that a casino allows you to redeem from the total wins earned using a no deposit bonus.
  • It is important to know the maximum win amount.
  • Trying to redeem more than the maximum win amount can affect you negatively.

The casino may accuse you of bonus abuse and:

  • Ban you from redeeming any wins earned using the no deposit bonus.
  • Ensure you forfeit the bonus completely.
  • Suspend your account; in extreme cases it may even terminate your account.

The example of GDay casino comes in handy again when it comes to explaining the maximum win amount.

  • Regardless of how much you win with the 50 free spins that GDay casino offers as a no deposit bonus, the casino has in place a maximum win amount.
  • You can withdraw only a maximum of £100 from this bonus. The remainder is removed from your account before you head to cash in or redeem your win.

Withdrawal Rules Governing No Deposit Bonuses

Now that you know the different components associated with the terms and conditions governing the no deposit bonuses offered by casinos, we take a look at the rules governing withdrawal of wins earned with no deposit bonuses at online or mobile casinos.

  • Wagering requirements: Ensure that all the wagering requirements are met before you look to withdraw your winnings from a no deposit bonus.
  • Minimum deposit amount: Ensure that you make a minimum deposit into your casino account to be able to redeem winnings earned through any of the no deposit bonuses.
  • Eligible games: Ensure that you use the bonus to play only the game or games that it covers. That is very important to ensure you are able to withdraw a portion of your winnings.
  • Maximum capped amount: Do not try to withdraw more than the maximum capped amount from the total wins earned through a no deposit bonus.

What Happens When You Violate Rules Governing No Deposit Bonuses

All the rules in place to govern no deposit bonuses are there for a reason: they are there to ensure that there is no abuse of the no-deposit bonuses on offer. They also ensure that perfect order is maintained at the online casino and players do not take undue advantage of the no deposit bonuses.

There can be serious consequences to violating the rules governing no deposit bonuses:

  • You will not be able to cash out your winnings from the no deposit bonus. The casino could actually ensure that you do not get access to any of the money you won with the bonus.
  • The casino has the option of ensuring you forfeit the bonus entirely. This can be a big loss because of the enormous win potential that the different no deposit bonuses have.
  • You could be accused of bonus abuse, even if you have violated a rule unknowingly. That is a serious accusation and offence.
  • The accusation of bonus abuse could also result in the casino suspending or actually terminating your account.